Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Facing leadership challenges can be an intimidating test of your talent, skills and stamina. Attending our enhancement sessions will help equip you to identify and effectively address current and potential challenges and successfully clear the hurdles encountered by leaders.


Growth is a continuous learning process of developing, maturing, and improving. Successful leaders react differently to the hurdles of healthy growth. They approach them with a positive mindset and life practice that helps them sprint throughout their race, addressing and overcoming any obstacles they encounter rather than allowing the hurdles to slow them down.


Change is the natural outcome of pursuing healthy growth.

Change offers a different course of action to consider and implement, and asks you to see it with a fresh set of eyes. In a sense, change forces you to make a choice. Will fear of the unknown and unproven motivate you to resist and remain the same, or will you step out of your comfort zone and embrace something new?


The limitations of a one-man, one-way management model have been influential in the adoption of groups working in teams. But teams have their own set of obstacles to overcome.

Groups must learn how to collaborate and ideate together, respecting each other as they develop the skills required to create and execute effective solutions.

Three Major Leadership Challenges that influence every area of your business are: GROWTH, CHANGE and TEAMS.

What will I learn in these sessions?

You will learn how to successfully clear the hurdles and adjust the strides you may face in your leadership role as you approach the challenges of:

Stimulating Healthy Growth
You will learn the three phases you go through during the process of growth illustrated in the Growth Curve Model.
Assisting people through the maze of change
You will learn how your general outlook and opinion whether change is beneficial or damaging will determine how you respond to it.
Interacting together with others
You will learn the attributes that characterize a healthy leadership team and how to cultivate those characteristics in your organization.