Dalton Jantzen

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“In the end, I’ve found the hunt for magic potions, fountains of youth, or silver bullets is vanity.
The true aim is excellence and outcome, achieved through relationship. Or, said another way:
good people doing great work.”

—Blake Leath

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Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality
— Warren G. Bennis

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What do we do?

We focus on Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Change, and Communication. We could be called tenders of people, or gardeners of organizations. We are captivated by the health and productivity of people, whether we find ourselves in the middle of a harshly sunburned field, or a greenhouse where conditions are optimal, we nurture and help men and women thrive and flourish in the dirt their organization is planted in.

We live to see healthy, highly fulfilled people working together to create a culture others want to join. We work strategically with those who desire to create an atmosphere where processes, projects, and programs are the outcome of great trust and great teams.

We have answered the call to encourage, equip, and empower employees to become known not only for prodigious production, but for caring for one another. And as they grow in their own passion, we step back from the foreground to allow them to shine as they tell their stories.

At the end of the matter, it won’t be Salted Oats that did prodigious things with them, it will be them — their teams who were forged as contributors with excellence. We have no higher calling than to see men and women fulfilling ALL that they are designed to be in every area of life.


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Dalton Jantzen

Ten years of grooming in HR and Training & Development roles in Japanese and American manufacturing sites in West Texas was my preparation for joining the consulting firm DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My initial role there as trainer-facilitator quickly grew from handling local ‘gigs’ – to requested consultant/coach/mentor to leaders in Fortune 500 companies across North America (USA, Mexico and Canada).

My three mentors were highly skilled facilitators, instructors, and coaches; as they freely shared the riches of their experience with me, I absorbed their wisdom and applied it in my own practice.

At DLPA I was known as the ‘heart of the team’. To our clientele I was the unusual consultant — who invested more than head knowledge in their people. Not only a passionate facilitator, but a coach, mentor and strategist. One business owner told me, “Dalton – I think you care more about my people than I do!” My time with DLPA drew to a close by years end 2006, when with Vicki, my wife, we dove deeply into a life-dream that would change my trajectory for the next season.

Vicki and I invested the next 15 years in the creation and development of a non-profit totally focused on assisting men and women in ministry leadership roles around the world. Ten of those years we invested in developing a mountain retreat – a getaway, and place of respite and revitalization. We formed many bonds with the community during that time, and Dalton took a recess from travel across North America to focus on clients closer to home.

We realized that our best efforts were not well spent in property management, maintenance and inn-keeping, so in 2011 the retreat location sold, and we were released to not only work with leaders across the nation, but also to far-flung remote places around the world. Today through this non-profit we continue going annually to serve as a leader-builders; traveling to isolated places to teach, coach, encourage and strengthen men and women where resources are scarce, and help is desperately needed.

Salted Oats is our local community outreach. We can take our skills and talents around the world, but we want to make sure they work right here where we live. In our hometown.



I have lived in Chiang Mai for the past 17 years. Thank you for your encouraging me as an individual, as a leader, and to be a better team member. I have learned to be more focused, and because of you I have been rekindled. The seed has been planted here, and a stone has been thrown in the pond. There will be a ripple throughout Thailand and across the borders into neighboring countries.

Bruce R.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The personal coaching experience we are currently doing with Dalton has had phenomenal results with myself and another key leader in the firm.

Steve D.

Toledo, OH

The work we did with Dalton and Vicki has proven invaluable. Now Dan and I are a united front with a clear vision and better understanding of how to communicate well with each other. The Jantzen’s became trusted mentors and friends; I have no doubt we will use their expertise in the future.

Drs. Dan and Erin P.

Edmond, OK

Dalton shows more care about my business than any consultant has ever shown. I am confident that we will make the changes we need with his help.

John M.

Albuquerque, NM

My monthly coaching sessions with Dalton have proved to be very helpful in refining my skills as a leader. Each time I complete a coaching session I leave with more energy, with more passion and more commitment. This strengthens me in my roles as servant leader at work, home, and church.

Randy C.

Albuquerque, NM

Dalton was great to work with…even years later the advice that he offered resonates through me on a regular basis. I can honestly say that Dalton provided me with tremendous insight that has helped my career and which I value more as each year goes by.

Tom G.

Dallas, TX

I first met Dalton about 15 years ago when we both worked at DeLaPorte and Associates and shared space in one of those office cubicles. His feeling was that I was a little too loud and rambunctious on my side of the cubicle – and I didn’t stay on my side. Over time we developed a mutual respect, but I really started to understand Dalton when I had been selected to teach a class, and he was assigned to help me prepare. Normally, I would prep by running down the hall to a compadre of mine who thought like I did, and acted like I did. He’d give me the 10-minute low down and then I’d wing teaching the whole way. But for this one, I was told that Dalton was going to teach me how to facilitate the class correctly and he and I were going to spend the whole day doing it. At first I thought “Oh boy, what am I gonna do for 8 hours?” But the conversation – and it was really a conversation for 8 hours – was deep, deep, enjoyable, learning. Dalton just had a passion for the whole process. Naturally, when I actually taught the class I was much more prepared than I had ever been. Questions Dalton had said would likely arise arose, and I had answers for them.”

To illustrate #LeadershipFlow through the experience of Dalton Jantzen, we’ll start with a word that quickly comes to mind – authentic.

Croft E.

Albuquerque, NM

Dalton Jantzen is a superb strategic planning facilitator. He is skilled at explaining the language and the process of strategic planning. His passion for the work is catching. Based on his extensive experience, he knows where groups get bogged down; he kept our group motivated and moving forward. He coaches and teaches in a engaging manner and in appropriate short doses. Our group was energized by the progress we made and we have continued to move forward on our own.

Libby D.

Las Cruces, NM

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